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Madness: Origins

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[VOICE BY "Voicegirl" at the VA forums, it's NOT my voice!!!]

Finally! Well, this was supposed to be finished yesterday but it was a lot of work and I could barely finish it. It's a bit different to all of the other madness animations, I wanted to give a twist to Hank's characters.
It includes a lot of Clocks, so please don't downvote if you hate clocks, I tried to add a bit of a /Clockcrew Day as an addition to Madness Day, and some other characters like BlockHead, Bitey, LongCat, Vinnie, Alien Hominid, a Castle Crasher and Eskimo Bob also have their small cameos!
Thanks to all of those who gave me C&C in the progess, I tried to keep this secret though.

Rtil, Adam Phillips, Munglai (Easy Way out/Clockday), Vinnie, Nanoko, Minchamber, JohnnyUtah, FleckoGold, Richard Williams (Thief and the Cobbler, that's why I added some kind of chess background) and SPECIALLY Zombie-Pimp, which helped me develop the MAIN IDEA of this animation, also...his flashes are fucking great.

Well....Enjoy it! Happy Madness Day!

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Well, that sure would explain why Hank has no legs or arms.

Animation: 7.8/10
The animation is very decent, not perfect, but its still very good and deserves to me recognized.

Sounds: 7.5 /10
The sounds are a little too loud and sometimes can make the voice of the narrator UNHEARABLE. It kinda makes it harder to know what she is saying.

Story: 8/10
Thes tory is fairy decent and fun. Its interesting, and a nice vision of what "The portal" is.

Final Result: 8.1/10 (3.5 Stars)

The animation is not perfect, but is still enjoyable. The sound needs some work, but the narration is very good. The story is just a simple little creative concept that could've been better executed. Overall, its a fun little animation to pass time.


I liked the story and the character... Not the animation per se


hank looks like a fucker prussy

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3.27 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2008
9:49 PM EDT