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Kinji's past

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Sep 22, 2008 | 1:55 PM EDT

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Author Comments

What started out as a simple doodle turned into this x-x it took me like 7 hours to complete D8>

If you can't read the text fast enough here's what it's saying:

"That day....On that day everything changed." Kinji began. "Oh? What happened?" asked Kakumey. "I remember it well...." he said softly "I was walking with my mother through the forest when suddenly a dark form jumped from the brush and killed her on the spot. The dark figure who had killed my mother then turned to me ans said in a chilling voice 'I won't kill you. I'll do something MUCH worse!' I wanted to run but I was too traumatized to do anything! He then suddenly bit my neck! Soon he dropped me and sauntered off like nothing had happened. As I lay on the ground waves of pain swept through me and my heart sped at an inhuman pace. The next day the pain had finally faded and left emptieness in it's place. My heart beat once that day and has done so ever since. I knew what I was and so did my village so they exiled me to the forest where my mother had been killed. I was neither a vampire nor a human....I was merely a freak. And that's how I became 2/3rds vampire and 1/3rd human...." Kinji finished. His story had brought tears to Kakumey's eyes. "I had no idea..." she whispered as she hugged Kinji trying to stop the flow of tears streaming down both their faces.

And that's the story >_> It may not be word for word but it's pretty close. I got lazy with animating some parts as you can probably tell >w>;;; And sepia tone is reeeeaaaally hard to mimick ;0; So I hope you enjoyed my flash :3

I own everything but the music. That belongs to Naruto >_>



Rated 3 / 5 stars

This can be better

Nice story, even tough it was abit short. As the one before said you should try find a way to let the viewer decide when to continue reading. You can always increase time between the scenes until later.
One more thing tough, I've had the name Kinji in a game for a long time ago. Funny coincidense it appeared here ;)

deidaraart5 responds:

Thanks, I'll go look up some tutorials for that >.> And I tried to make it as long as I could without destroying the poor quality of the animation any faurther. And that is a funny coincidense ._.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

well that was odd

i have no idea who kinji is but he seems kinda the story book like detail was nice but a few seemed to go by way to fast i suggest you have a button on the bottom that lets the viewer chose when to go to the next scene that way everyone can read it at there own pace.

deidaraart5 responds:

Kinji's one of my random characters >.>

And I'd do that....If I knew how ^^; Because this is actually my second flash animation so I'm not that good at it yet