Spaceship Escape 3

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Spaceship Esacpe 3 is finally out! After 2 unsucessful attempts to make an addicting flash game, this would be it. File size has been reduced to 2MB (3 MB less than the previous version!)

*New Features:
Story Mode
Arcade Mode
2 New Levels
AI Mode

definitely addicting.

Please read instructions 1st
Report any bugs so I can fix them

I'm still pretty worried that the game doesn't go on well...

EDIT: Patch is on the way... in about another week.
EDIT2: Buttton glitches patched

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RE: music glitch

same here, didn't like it
also i have troubles submitting score and unlocking stage 2 and 3 from the arcade
did someone have the same problems?

music glitch?

Im not sure if this happened to everyone.. but i started the 1st storyline 3 times and died instantly the first 2 until i realized i had to use the mouse to raise my ship ;) i guess that's my fault for not reading the instructions :P but on the third time, it started playing 2 songs at once o.O needless to say, it didnt sound that great ;). Has anyone else experianced this?

Mouse controls are better

The mouse controls are better than spacebar. And you should try using the Mochi-ad high scores API in your next game. You can display them in-game which is better than armorbot because you have to go off-site to see the scores.

colintso responds:

You could view the highscores with armorbot...(*only the top ten though)


Like the guy below me says, This has been done before, Metro Siberia, The Helicopter game and WatchIt are all the same thing. The story WAS a nice touch but it really doesn't add very much.
Perhaps next time make something similar, but a different concept.
Sorry for this crap reveiw but I really need a poo. :D

colintso responds:

You share my pain- I've got diarrhea right now. :P

Mouse over the "2" vote icon...

It's almost impossible to review this game without making comparisons to Metro Siberia. The concept is pretty much identical. Adding a story mode was a nice touch but that's really not motivating me to play the game. I don't know if the control seems less responsive due to using the mouse instead of the keyboard or if that's just a design choice to make the player react to obstacles earler. Of course, being able to pass through most obstacles and having a very gently sloping course boundary really doesn't seem to make this a big issue. I dunno, it just doesn't seem like its very addicting is all. At this point I might just give up trying to improve this game and come up with a different concept. I think this type of game has just been played out. You put a lot of polish on it though, and if you make that kind of effort on a different concept...

colintso responds:

I'll work on that.

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3.50 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2008
9:23 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid