Madness Streak Ep. 5

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My official submition to madness day

After 2 month making this, i finaly over

Edit 1: Madness Day 2008 collection, not bad



frank ryan faic is mess up by some how can u tell me what happened to him

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GabrielBarsch responds:

he was very punched by that guy, the mage

Great, so much better than the previous episodes

Seriously, this was smooth as fuck compared to the previous 4 episodes. especially parts such as when Frank deflects those rock/floor-ish/whatever pieces that the guy who he fights at the beginning is trying to hit him with. also that scene with Glenn which you used in Madness Ultimate Collab 2 was so smoothly animated. But in the movie facts thingy, you could've said what FPS you used in this.....

and bodvik, you dickhole, shut the fuck up already, god damn! i CAN take criticism. some people (such as you, bodvik) just happen to THINK they're being constructive, but are actually just being asses and not really giving any useful tips..... at all..... and often, when others THINK that it is ME who's not paying attention to THEM, it's the other way around, really. why can't you get that through your brain?

GabrielBarsch responds:

thank you very much CM154 But i must admit, that episode was a little bad, but i will improve in the last one, the 6th k, stay tuned, and I used 28 fps


you can take critism very good :) crazymonkey should look at your responses and learn.

GabrielBarsch responds:



its ok

very good

this is very good. it is very creative and i like how long it is. did you draw most of that? i see some stuff that is fromkrinkels sprite sheets but most of it is not. the only thing wrong with it is that the feet are alittle... not attached to the body at times. but other then that its all good. i cant wait for the continued part of this

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GabrielBarsch responds:

thank you, i will warn you about my next streak episode

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Sep 22, 2008
9:11 AM EDT