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MD08: Cliffs of Dover

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my submission to madness Day 08

Featuring a nameless fodder who just wants to rock out

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mmmm, ugly


Um....Dont get me wrong, Im not trying to be mean or unplesant, but I didn't like it that much. There was too much motion tweening. It was WAY to short. I mean REALY short. I think about 73 seconds. I expected more, realy. Oh well. Well, this was made about a year ago from when Im typing this, so I assume you've gotten better. But I feel disapointed, as I truely expected something more, like the whole cliffs of a dover. Its only 4:14 muinites. Not that hard to do, especialy with motion tween. There wasn't realy any commedy, or any traits to make it apealing to most audiences.


lol, it was pretty good. i liked th3 ending. good job. keep it up.


me like....no....ME LOVE MADNESS DAY!!!!!!!!!!


Quite a cool movie, good homage to both the madness series and Eric Johnson

Visually it was ok, nothing amazingly impressive, but it still looked good. Nive guitar work :D

The audio was perfect, a great song. Couldn't pick a better one

Overall it was a great movie. The text near the end had me in stitches. Great job

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