Madness Reprobabilitation

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When you start the movie, you will see a razorblade zooming in with a punch-sound. After that, the music should start. If it does NOT, please press PageUp 2 times and PageDown once, I hope it will work then.
It's just a glitch I didn't manage to fix.

MadnessDay, YAY!

This is my from PowerPoint to Flash coverted submission.

In order to hear the music it might be required sometimes to restart, I can't figure out how else to fix. Music should be heard after the punsh sound from the razorblade zooming in, if it doesn't press PageUp, you will go back to the previous slide.It's the music from Consternation by Cheshyre.
I also have no preloader so it might take a while before it's loaded.
The animation is about Jake Tulper.
Yes, Jake Tulper.
Not Hank.
Hank appears just as a cameo in the beginning, but has no bigger role in this movie.
After his death Agent Orange installs an improbability chip in his head, giving him supernatural powers. He even can perform them in normality. They are the same powers as Jebus has; Jebus also has a major role in this story as the sidekick protagonist.

My target was to put a reference in it to every single Madness animation by Krinkels, and if you watch it you will see there is.
If you see sprites you like, you can E-mail or pm me in what image format you would like them. I can also send them in PowerPoint format, but I just have no Flash... YET. They are all made in PowerPoint, most of them are traced from original sprites.
I hope you enjoy :D

In case you see this movie someplace else, like YouTube, please contact me then. It's probably stolen.



lol i like it but i like the auditor but he died but it was good

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RazorShader responds:

thanks, I liked Jake more and he survived :P


Simply its good

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RazorShader responds:

i simply thank you then


Not bad, I can't stand the sounds clips. Needs some music or something, it all seems scattered.

RazorShader responds:

yay if you encounter problems like that again read the author comments then (especially the capital letters), it has music, but you might have to restart it before you hear it.

them working together cool same wit zombies

0_0 awsome make another plz

RazorShader responds:

i am going to make another one, but probably in another style than this one.
but the next one is going to be without improbabilitydrives and without Jake and Jebus working together.
anyway, thanks for the review


that made no sence at all

RazorShader responds:

i should be a liar if i said there was, but your right. glad you enjoyed it!

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Sep 22, 2008
8:10 AM EDT