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A Winner is You 25 Points

Defeat the boss and win the game!

Author Comments

Happy Madness Day 2008!

"Q" toggles quality.


some problems

aiming is now binded to a key? have to use arrows plus the S and A keys?????????? wtf this isnt madness this is a complete rip off with bad controls..........

on a serious note:

the controls were awkward and out of place

the characters where amazingly well drawn

the jump sucks i spent the whole boss battle just jumping into the fire so that i could have a little space between me and the lava but then then i cant jump properly to the next platform

when ever you get hit you fall down? thats bull!! madness is meant to be pretty much a run and gun kinda deal so whats with this get hit once fall down crap?

unlimited ammo but yet no ability to pick up others guns. (which reminds me)


in a nut shell this game DOESN'T remind me of the good old madness that i know and love its like you tried to make it into a cooler game with better graphics but thats just it you made a game with better graphics and barely any good gameplay. also it was short... REALLY SHORT. i was expecting a new level every time but i breezed thru the 3 (i think) levels that you made. and the gameplay was like this

(run down the hallway with A key held down and wildly failling the gun up and down so that with ONE BULLET your enemy will drop the gun and then have to preform fisty cuffs with you.)

so please bring back the old madness only with these graphics. thats all it needs is newer graphics.

-the critic

well hes a little right

this is boring but not too bad


i had a big essay to do, so i wasn't too intot the madness day spirit, but with TomFulp AND Mindchameber working on a game i had to check it out. great as always.

Could have been better

I honestly only played a few seconds of it, I couldn't get into it because the controls just sucked.

Too Short :/

Awesome, but looks more like a demo then a real game

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Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2008
5:56 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun