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The Defeatist Reel

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The following stuff are failed collab entries, cancelled projects, anal sex...

I got this concerning this:

"My god !!!!
Ok, it's me or you're cancelled project are better quality that anything I see before from you ?
Man ! This video truly show you're better in not-porn animation, you must be kidding me ! Too sad for my libido part, lol !!
But even a lot of porn parts of this animation is better quality and... (a... how do you say ?) "smoothness" is much more better !
It's been a default in your precedent animations : sometimes you loose on smoothness or proportions regularity... no, not good, not proportions : on... hummm... "shape's credibility". Yeah. fluidity and shapes precision was a point of improvment, in your style, but this video show you evolve a lot more faster than I expect, on those points !
I'm really surprise, you know !
Lol, I think I better make more details, because I think you will not trust me :
- the first knight fight : nothing impressive from your initial style.
- the sucking : much more smoothly and better drawn than other PT style ! Can be more smoother, yeah, and the hair go to high in the air to be "credible", but better quality after all ! I see it on the nose, lol ^^
- frustration space brawler : THAT'S the astonishing quality part !!!! Smoothness, shapes, animations, shadding, everything almost perfect ! The rocketeer girl really impress me, because I make a game with hundreds of playable races. On of them was rocketeer nation, with those kind of girls !!! Look like I was not the only one to have the idea, lol. The shadow monster put me on my knees too, as the fighting style of the big yellow thing after that.
- dynanimations things : not amazing part, not good enough face to your initial style, done too quickly, too badly. That's just my opinion ^^ Motions stay impressive, but that's your strong point, as I say before ^^
- PT machine fetish : better than any precedent PT, on quality !!
- music video : very very amazing on smoothness of the parachutist scene. The rest is equivalent to your other PT quality, not worse, not far more better. I see a progress on "background set", too ^^
- Metal gear collab : impressive. Much more better than usual things ! Set is far more better mastered, too.
- A.... shit, I forget. Yeah, santa claus : funny as hell ! seems incomplete, and background set and image composition look false (like mine I mean : you got the elements, but it seems they are not really in the good place in the image, lol ^^). I laugh at the "drop the tree, santa !", looool ^^
- All the PT scene lack of smoothness, even if you put more images than before (and that's a good thing). But I understand : as you are not playing with static shapes like me, drawing each time a new picture entirely, it's huge and harassive work ! ^^ But the quality of shapes and details is improved, and I can see it clearly !
- I forget the other things (I see the entire videos for ten times, now), but I think you got the idea : you improve faster, and better on non-porn animations !"

From Chastan

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Pretty good and the pornographic parts are pretty hot. Nice job!


Only one I really liked on there would have to be the PT Movie. I'd really like to see it.

The PT movie would be very interesting.. i wish you finishes it D:

fuckkkkkkkkkkk please complete them they look awesome and there not finished so if they were ill be speechless

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3.45 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2008
9:52 PM EDT