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GunChest Episode 02_01

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This is GunChest Episode 02_01
(GunChest is Full 3D Flash Animation.)

You can see also GunChest previous Episodes on newgrounds.
Just change the end of number by 435010 on the address bar.

458092 - Trailer
435010 - Episdoe 01_01
460140 - Episdoe 01_02
ex) www.newgrounds.com / porta l/ view / 435010 - like this

Hi! Everyone. I would like to introduce you to the complete story for GunChest.

GunChest is made of 18 episodes, each approximately 4 to 5 minutes.
We have introduced you to GunChest a couple of years ago.
Now we have the complete story.
It may take a little time to pre-load. We ask you for your patience.
For more information, please visit our website at www.gun-chest.com.
I hope you enjoy it!


Robots with human intelligence: They have become the ultimate tools and final condition to go out into space.
Although many attempts have been made, robots with human intelligence were not easy to produce.
As the efforts of AI started to feel like a mirage, three scientists emerged from the abyss.
At last, their efforts paid off: A result by the name of Isis-Ank.
They finally succeeded in producing the Ank Robots through the Isis-Ank System.
As a test bed location, they constructed a vast city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: The Mono-community.
Many entrepreneurs invested in this project, but, there were strong oppositions; the major being "The Bleeding Fist".
To bring this opposition under control, Mono-community established the "Bandage Team."
Among the Bandage Team, a robot series called the Gunchest stood out. Gunchest No. 45.

'Vol. 45 Gunchest' to guard Mono-community, and further on, the peace of mankind.


Well done

this series continues to impress me. Great visual style, intriguing story line, and relatable characters. my only complaint is in the dialogue. the quality is great, only the material was lacking in creativity. it was almost too corny (some corniness is acceptable), but that's not gonna stop me from watching the next episode. Great job!

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Another great episode

Once again, I'm amazed at the quality of the animation you made. The only possible complaint I have is the voice acting, but beyond that, everything is top notch. The series is reminiscent of older 80's-90's animations, love the feel of it. Hope to see more work coming from your account!

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I can see effort, but not In all places...

Maybe this was a 3D animation, which drastically can make an animation easier,
but I could tell by the fight scenes and lighting effects that you did put effort into this, If I may, I'd suggest putting effort into the mouthing though, some of the lines were completely out of sync with the mouthing and sometimes the mouth kept on moving after the line finished, maybe put more effort into that, and try using your own sounds (lightsaber etc) it can put some more originality into the movie.

Anyway, good job, I hope to see more GunChest in future.


To the assmonkey below me, this happens to be a really awesome flash you don't know anything about making good flash so you don't know how good it is.

Cheesy, cheesy shit.

This is possibly some of the worst voice-acting I have ever, in my entire life heard. The dialogue is some of the corniest shit ever. Honestly. You need to hire some professionals, or have your other voice-actors practice. A lot.

I can't say much about the storytelling either. It was really annoying. At first there's the black guy driving to see GunChest, who is recovering after sticking some fucking memory chip or whatever in his head. Then you introduce this gay little firefly thing which was not in the least entertaining and only made me hate this series more. Then that red bitch is getting information on fireflies? What?

The animation wasn't much too. It was just "3D". But really, there wasn't much. I've seen better animation in regular drawn flashes. Really. This is shameful.

And this is too "Megaman." Don't you think there are enough of these already? What the fuck. You honestly put too much thought into the graphics, and not the things that matter. The story, the dialogue, animation, everything.

This is utter shit. Complete utter shit besides the graphics. What I hated the most, the thing that made me want to jam a screwdriver into my computer, was the conversation that those two women had about shopping. It went on for WAY too long. It was the stupidest conversation I have ever in my life heard. You shouldn't have even added that in there. Honestly. I am dissapointed in you, and Newgrounds. What Newgrounds does is LIKE these pieces of shit.

Please, if you are to submit ANY more of these, make them entertaining. This wasn't not entertaining at all. I wanted to click X when you brought out the firefly. I didn't like the previous ones much either. All mostly because of the voice-acting. Cheesy, and unenjoyable.

You probably won't take this advice, but if you did, I'm sure it would help this series a lot. I mean A LOT.

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Sep 21, 2008
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