The Assumption Song

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Hey y'all. Here's a new flash for your enjoyment. I made it to get used to my new tablet. Hope you enjoy!

Love Chris XXX

Ps. There's 2 easter eggs in the credits. Chao!

*The Arrogant Worms are Mentioned twice. They're credited. No I'm NOT sending you the song and NO YOU CAN'T PUT IT ON YOUTUBE. Thanks ;D



It's great, but you've simply "cashed-in" on the song.
Whoever wrote the song deserves a lot of credit. What you've made is a reasonably good animation for the video, with no special qualities or strong signs of creativity.

Thus, hats off to the guy who made the song, you don't deserve to be anywhere near the top. I mean at least put it in the page audio credits ffs.

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they used to play this song on the radio in my city, the video is ok but im more impressed you used this song and now i know who the artist it. i loved hearing this on the radio thanks for bringing onto newgrounds

Not Particularly Amazing

I've seen this same song in a bunch of other videos, so there goes your originality. The song was funny the first time I heard it, but it's getting old, and the high score that this has is mainly due to the song. The animation was good, but nothing too spectacular and this certainly doesn't deserve the score it has just because it has decent animation and a good song. Sorry, but that's just my opinion. This is good, but definately not as good as everyone is saying it is.

I don't normally do this but...

I have to. I noticed you won $250 for being number 1 of september or whatever when in reality this was not that good of a flash. Yes the song epic, but anyone could have done the animation tht you did. You are just lucky that very few people have heard the song and you got to animating it before everyone else. Im not trying to rain on your parade, I'm just throwing it out there. I do like a lot of your work and congratulate you on your winnings.
love -HDF7-

soooo weird..... but funny at the same time

you've given me reason to try and stop assuming the worse....

no really, i find that every part where you come to expect something, its something else...
and the images, they help a bit too much the kind of society we live in today...

at first glance, one would think that the whole flash would have to be rated mature because of the obvious content, but the name is well chosen for what the message it gives off....

great work, i give it a vote of 5 but a rating of 6.78 because its not so well drawed and that it could be better, but its a good piece of work nontheless. :P

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4.43 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2008
3:05 PM EDT
Music Video
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