goku vs super mario bros

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Who will win? see all by ur self with more action and better sound, movie created by: xdike13



You should make a sequel but make sure someone wins at the end and don't just make it Mario's winning by loads at some points and Goku's winning by loads at others.

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I dont know, I didnt like it that much, here´s why.
1- If u r using flash, you could make transparency effects and shit like that, in the beams for example.
2- It´s not explained why they are fighting
3- Mario fighting like in DBZ is already done and just remembering that one (SMBZ) I can´t avoid to compare them, so this one looks bad compared to the other one and we see it as if its worse than what it is...idk if that was clear LOL
4- The Fighting wasn´t planed, they just tryed to hit the other, and that gets boring
5- I´m no DBZ fan, but Goku overpowers Mario, with just a blast he would desintegrate Mario, so it doesn´t make sense...
6- Why is Goku in Mushroom Kingdom?
Then, the explanation of why i did not put you a 1 or other thing is,
1- It´s pretty noticeable that you will get really good if you practice.
2- Although the fighting was bad planed, the fight almost didn´t show any bad allignement.
3- I don´t like the music but its pretty good for this, it fits kinda ok
4- I love Mario related content so I kinda like this although i dont like DBZ
5- You have pretty good camera skills which can be improved a little bit.Like shaking and shit, more, and zooming in more too
6- It´s not short so it doesn´t leave the viewer with anxiety of watching more, that´s good, i have a problem with that mainly since my flashes often go too big in size and then i dont know how to compress them....
Well... if you practice A LOT, and i really mean it, practice makes perfection, never forget that.... make some intros to your flashes, explain things before the action starts, it´s very likely that you will become a great sprites animator...
pretty long review lol

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It's ok...

I give it a six mainly because there's alot of flashs with Mario doing DBZ stuff since SMBZ.It's good animation quality,it shows you have potential in flash and story would make it better.


really its a good animation
nice fight


this is bad A.S.S i have seen other as good as this bnut wow great animation how did you do it and what programe ? 9999999999999/10

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4.12 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2008
12:55 PM EDT