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Fight of Death V1.1

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yay for 250+ votes and 500+ views?
Bad times, lossed my file so i cant update anymore T___T

Update! Alitle longer and better now.. but just alitle longer... better?

Take a look at the blood, is it good? Is it bad? Review about that please
Please review Tips ONLY! or say i was great lol.
But dont say i sucks...
I cant draw i know, but this time its music.
i dont know who it is, found it on a site of nothing, i like it...
Feel free to recomend this for a collection, "Sticks"

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I looked at some of your other submissions- it looks like you are actually serious about this animating business, so I figured I'd try giving you a helpful review:

You seem to have a half-decent grasp of movement, what's mainly holding you back is your drawing (I know you know) and concept of cinematic.

I think what you would benefit from the most would be studying "good" content (I mean like top 50 stuff) and trying to pick out common techniques, comparing it to your own work. Do the reverse by blam/protecting to figure out what not to do. A great skill is being able to judge your own work as if it were someone else's.

Do the same for your drawing style; perhaps have a browse around deviantArt or look at some popular web-comics. Trying to copy other people's drawings is a good way of developing your style (this is just for practice; don't steal).

You seem to have trouble differentiating what you actually see, and what you remember or think you see; you are drawing symbols rather than objects. Do some life drawings. This will help immensely even if you're trying to develop a cartoon style, as cartoons are merely a simplified or adapted reality, rather than something entirely separate.

Also, when you're thinking up what to animate, try to imagine it like it was a Hollywood movie; hopefully this will give you ideas for the cinematic composition. This is a case of thinking past the mere actions that you want to animate, to how you want them to be seen, or how best to display them. Then you need to start thinking about drawing all this together to create style, atmosphere, mood etc.

And that's about all I can be bothered to write. Take it one step at a time and practice a fuckload. Hope some of this was at least mildly helpful...

xelander responds:

Thank you, it was verry helpful.

fantastic! but too short!

like Mercyclock said, this has a lot of potential, i loved it, but PLEASE make it longer?

This has potential.

Good job. Just make it longer and more awesome. :)

xelander responds:

Thanks ^^

Nicely animated!

I liked the way characters moved. It was very flexible. It was far too short in any case. If it had been longer, the music would have been better. In this case, however, it was just starting up when the music ended. You should also have either put in a build up scene while waiting for the music to begin. You probably also could have edited the music. The fight scene, although it was animated well, was far to short. It was an okay movie all in all, but I think that you can do a lot better.

xelander responds:

thanks, it helped alot.


it's prety cool animation! but too short!

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2008
4:59 AM EDT