Tower Quest

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After many years of planning and a few months of developing, my first flash game is finally finished. Enjoy!

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awesome but...

what's missing is a save function...

other than that I would have given it a 10. Everything thing else is an awesome job for your first flash

cant save.

the concept was ok, but i got up and up and died. cant save -_-

I do flash aswell heres a Tip

Nicely made and seems like alot of effort was put in but just a little tip thatl make look cooler (i think) instad of makeing them disapear then reapear just put each limb on a different layer and tween it

Decent game, needs refining

If you are playing, try to keep your Body and spirit skills even with the floor number. Enemies don't get too much stronger per floor, so if you win fairly easily, go to the next fllor. The exception is the guardians. Go to the floor just before the guardians and fight ten or so battles. Once you can win those, cash in your points and take out the guards.

Multiple endings are a nice way to add replay value, but a save system would help.

Magic lets you get through the game quicker.

Pretty Good

Should enable it to save progress, and maybe have a couple different types of physical and magical attacks. LIttle improvements could make it a real solid game.

Credits & Info

4.38 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2008
8:33 PM EDT
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