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Waste Of Your Time - Episode 3; "Invaders From The North"

Yes... Catapults.

Author's Notes: I wanted to get the third movie out one day after the second, but two days shall do. The original idea of the third episode was completely different from this one, but I was struggling to find something that really worked with what I had already developed in the original two. So, I decided to just let go and do whatever first came to my head.

I hope this one lives up to the first and second episodes. If you haven't seen them yet, please go back and watch WOYT 1 and WOYT 2!

Also, if you haven't noticed yet, the episodes go in backwards chronological order.

Remember kids, Vote 5!

edit: I don't think people realize I never spend more than two hours on each of these movies.

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it was good...

BUT the first 2 were better. Its alright though. Its only natural for the 3rd one to suck.

AwkwardSomething responds:

That seems to happen a lot with me anyway. The third chapter/episode of something is the hardest for me to dish out. It's the make or break step. I feel I made it here though, seeing how I still have a good score. Hopefully things get better from here.

Needs improvement!

It's a funny movie and the beginning really made me laugh but this movie does need a lot of improvement!

First of all, voice acting. There are a lot of good voice actors here on Newgrounds, try and find someone who can do it better! (:

Second, graphics! That's right, the graphics. They just aren't good. The characters looked funny and the BG is good but please, make everything move a little bit more so it doesn't get boring that fast!

Also, lip syncing, sometimes I just didn't see who of the 2 guys were talking. x] If you ad lip syncing this movie would have been A LOT better. :3

3th, story line.
Just AWESOME! ;D I love the story line, I really had to laugh a few times so good job with that. :3

Good luck in further projects.<3


AwkwardSomething responds:

I refuse to just purchase voice actors like the cliche' of every other movie on Newgrounds. Part of the charm of this movie for me is that I do it all myself.

I hear simultaneously that the graphics are good and bad. I will maybe make some more animation in later episodes, but I think overall the graphical style will remain the same. That's also part of why I like this.

The storyline is completely ad libitum.

Didn't like it as much as the second one

I am sorry but this was no where near the quality of the first or second.

It seems as if you rushed it more than the other two. Also the characters are barely animated and when they are, they are choppy. I admit i laughed a few times, one being when the guy fell out of the building.

But seriously from what i saw i know that you can animate better then this. At least in this one thought the audio is much better then the second, but the animation quality went down :(

I really hope you take more time on the 4th one ok because i liked the second one and it was way better then this one.

Overall: Not as good as the second one

AwkwardSomething responds:

I'll keep that in mind. I'm not really sure how you think the second one had such good animation however. The only moving parts was a tween of machines and a few rough movements by the cowboy.

I "rushed" this one the same way I made the first two.

hey look! -------------------------------->

i voted 5 :] ---------------------------------->
i like it when the canadian fell out of the building
if u think about it the canadian looks like a gray turd

AwkwardSomething responds:

What a kind man.

And yes, I suppose he does.

It was alright...

You get a 3/5 5/10

AwkwardSomething responds:

That's all? So bland.

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3.74 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2008
8:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Original