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Ring Game

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Sep 19, 2008 | 2:28 AM EDT

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All you got to do is move the rings so all the colors match up. Lol have fun!



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Rated 0 / 5 stars

Unless there is a way to mix up the colors with a key press or something, no, this can't be beaten. I'll try to explain more specifically. On the wheel I'm looking at right now, the innermost circle has a blue, then a white, then a blue again. No other ring here has a blue, then a white, then a blue at all. This means I will never be able to line up those three rows at the same time, since that sequence doesn't appear on any other ring. That means that lining up all the colors at the same time is impossible. On the third ring I see two blues right beside each other, but no other ring has two blues right beside each other. So no matter how I rotate it I won't be able to line up two rows of blues beside each other because only one ring HAS two blues beside each other. Do you see what I mean now? Maybe your version worked cause you played it off of your hard drive and the code acted differently, but I promise you that from my own experience (as well as every review below) this game is impossible. When many people say the same thing there's probably something to it.

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This game might be fun but it DOES need more instructions. All the colors don't match up. Just telling us to match them WOULD make sense IF all the colors matched up. So don't respond to this saying "what more instructions do you need" We understand the instructions you gave us BUT THEY DON'T WORK IN THE GAME!

Lyle554 responds:

How does it need more instructions? Move the rings to the right places.


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Needs Instructions.

I think I figured it out. You can align only 1 color in all the wheels. You have to figure out which color can do it. If you ignore all the other colors then mines done. There isn't any instructions to clairify if this is corrent, and that's really bad. Also, there isn't anything to say if you got it, so I'm not even sure if that's it. It's a good idea, it just needs A LOT more explaination.

Lyle554 responds:

No, u can align all of them. The normal pict of it, is just the ring not mixed up, then i added code to make it mix up.


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can you tell us HOW you can make all the rings fit? cos as far as i can see it only the outer 3 and the inner 2 work out. I think i tried (almost) every combo there is and its not working what so ever. If you have a good look at the 2 middle rings you will see they both got a double green line on them and the 3 outer rings other words IT WILL NEVER FIT...YOU CAN'T COMPLETE THE GAME!!!!

p.s. the idea was good though. If you fix it and post it again i might vote (didnt vote now cos the game isnt working)

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Lyle554 responds:

You CAN beat it, when i was making it i made sure u can beat it, and why do u need more instructions? move the colors so they match, easy.