Atomik Kaos

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And Update 3: I was looking at the latest reviews and thinking that this little game turned out much better than we anticipated. This only proves that what makes or breaks a game is the player, we can only put the effort to convince him/her to play the game. We will surely make a Atomik Kaos 2. There are a lot of good ideas, I wonder if we'll find enough jokes to make it. Thanks for everything NG, you really helped us here.

Update 2: Second day out of bed... and now it's frontpaged and it's very early here... Thanks folks, this really means a lot us!

Update: Wow... just got out of bed, checked my email and there it is: a daily 3rd place. Thanks NG! We really appreciate your feedback and we are delighted with the 3rd place. THANKS! :)

Manipulate chaotic atoms on a chain reaction frenzy in this fun puzzle game and help to solve many of the world's biggest problems such as the panda shortage and bad breath caused by beer!

Hi everyone!

This is our newest game and as usual we want to hear your opinion about it. It was really cool to do it and we hope you find it cool to play it too! Later, "professor"! :)



I found it to be quite aye challenge. Its a little tricky waiting for them to line up just right. But i like good job there Mongo

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the objectives were quite funny, i love u have to help mankind but make it worse at the same time lol

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VortixGamesStudio responds:

I didn't see it that way, but you sure put a smile on my face. Guess we'll have to make it even worse next time :)

Very Challenging

I gave up after a while hehe. Got really hard :(. But overall it was a VERY fun and challenging puzzle game :D! 7/10 :P

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Pretty good game

Either the other guy or you ripped this off

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /448944

VortixGamesStudio responds:

Thanks, but chain reaction games exist for a long time. I personally don't believe that either us or finefin stole the game. Using chain reactions to make jokes or clever remarks for the game sound almost too obvious. As far as we are concern, there's no problem at all.

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4.00 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2008
8:55 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other