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Thanks for the front page tom! Really appreciated it. :)

PLEASE TURN UP THE SOUND AFTER YOU HIT PLAY... I had to keep the bass really quiet to keep down the distortion! Hope you don't mind :)

So I was reading this animation book, it's been getting a lot of talk lately, I've been reading people's blogs and they're like, SO IM READING THE ANIMATORS SURVIVAL GUIDE.. anyways, its a great book. Incredibly helpful and full of fun and intelligence. There should be a guarantee on it that it'll improve your skills more and more each chapter.

Anyways, I had just finished the part about really basic animation, most often shown as the bouncing ball. I was thinking about how simple that sequence is, the ball speeds as it falls, and slows at its peak, and then I started wondering if I really, truly had internalized the basics of animated movement.

So I thought it would be funny to animate loads and loads of circles. LOL!

It was a challenge to stay sane at some points... animating similar circular sequences can get tedious, but then I started playing more and more with arch height and size of ball, whether I'd redraw it each frame or just have it as a movieclip and hit F6, the design on the ball, what I'm trying to get across is that you can add a huge amount of variation to the smallest of details.

remember that.

All of the circles are animated frame by frame, even the F6'd ones. there were like, hardly any tweens. There were A FEW on the guy's head and arms when he's spinning around a bit but this was probably about 85-90 percent frame by frame, for any of you purists out there :)

I did the music!

It was lots of fun to animate. I like that character. he's a funny guy. I really liked being able to animate his arms flying across as he spun from side to side, that sequence really pleased me. his face is also kind of fun to look at. and he's blue which is kind of bizarre. I don't know too many blue people.

There were 72 individually animated circles. I just counted them. I double checked, but on the off chance that I'm wrong, I'll say somewhere from 65-72.

Which is a lot of circles!

I storyboarded this. Yeah. Me, storyboarding something. PRETTY AMAZING. The idea is that the character is all freaked by these circles and are bouncing over him (the circles are up for interpretation) and he keeps going, resiliently I suppose. What happens next could be analyzed as him being a little part of one of someone else's circles, but THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

its a choose your own adventure sort of thing :)

It's only 47 seconds long, but I'm happy with it. It's calm, relaxed. Bouncy. (had to!)

1127. hope you like it!


PS: OMG I just test viewed it again and a popular NG game character managed to sneak in there!! How did that happen!? See if you can spot him!

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you're getting good... too good...

I will have to find a way to sabotage you before you get better than me. {:o

MorrowDays responds:


but I dont think that will really ever happen.

Or at least, you'll never see it happen, because I'll have KILLED YOU FIRST! :O:O


I think it would've been neat if, on the zoom out, you have shown the other balls like. orbiting the big one. Bouncing around it. Coming back to the guy.
Music was pretty bomb
I like the design of the balls

It shows.

The fact that you planned this whole thing and storyboard really shows.

It was very enjoyable.

I happen to have that same book, (as do a lot of others) and you're definetly right. Best investment I ever made in animating, (except maybe my tablet)

Good luck on future animations.

MorrowDays responds:

thanks, you too. hopefully something good will come of all of this!

Nice style....

.....but couldn't get it. What's the point? I feeling stupid right now.

Maybe you could express yourself better in the next animation.

But still, nice drawing!


Very good animation here and as for the twist at the end, I enjoyed it. I reckon if you keep this style of story/animation up then you could possible find yourself working for some very rich people :D

MorrowDays responds:

lol, you don't happen to be very rich, do you? :)