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Hey everyone!
I hope you guys still remember the entry that I made 3 week ago of a Game Introduction Movies Clip.

Well, the Playable demo of the game is Finished now! It come with music/opening scenes/First mission and game tutorial. Overall, it should give you a very good idea of this game is all about.

For those who did not see my last Flash Entry, this a Turn Based Tactic game with RPG elements. A picture worth a thousand words, just check it out!

I'm trying to gather feedbacks to improve the game, so i would really appreciate your inputs to give me more motivations on finishing it. Some of the sound effects are not added, but the thing that concern me most now is User Interface, Playability and Bugs.

P/s: anyone have a good tutorial on Sitelocking? I got it locked on my website but not newground O_o. It just doesnt play on newground at all if i turn sitelocking on.


****New Edit* THere are a lot of comments saying that i should turn this into a hack-and-slash. I just want to take a moment to say that RPG and Strategy is the type of game that I want to make so It wont be hack and slash. Sure it is may be "another RPG type of game" but would not it be the same for "Another hack-and-slash flash game". I think there are enough action game on the portal.

So, If you are going to review the game, please focus on other aspect rather than" It would be better if this is a hack-and-slash game" because this is not a hack and slash game.

Also, the plot is not revealed yet in the demo, therefore i think it would be useful to not comment on it at this moment. Much appreciated!

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It's OK.Even it is just a demo so that you would be ready for the full version.But don't say that you didn't get the hang of the full version since you didn't take the tutorials of this game and on the full version!

it´s ok

hello where is the full version?? i want t play it and i give it a seven because is the demo and because the arent any spirit beast

Im not raiting 4 this one

i played the full version (ithink) on armorgames.com to day

i agree with s0niaftrh0ck that the battles are a bit to long
but besides that great game

Very nice

I felt that battle lasted a little too long imo. You definitely gave us a nice taste round about of how the combat system works. But that 1000+ HP took a bit long for my tastes for a beginner tutorial. If it had a few enemies maybe with a 100HP+ each or something that'd be cool. But that was like a nice mid-boss/boss fight against that one enemy. You did however made it even and fair for both enemy and your character. So it was definitely an awesome demo. Oh also whenever someone moves can you put a cancel button in there? I see you're kinda going for a SRPG feel. But i feel once i move and i haven't even made my action i feel like i just wasted my movement =/. Good job though manj,

Very nice.

Nice, but when in tutorial when you take a step like viewing progile again after once viewd it takes you back to the same point in tutorial were the priestess tells you what to do next. Anyone who gives it a zero is just a jerk >.>

fairypoet responds:

You are right! I will fix that bug in further release. Thank you.

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3.83 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2008
2:18 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG