Chrono Trigger: Ep I

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An Epoch Studios production.
Approximate run time: 4:27

Our first serious flash movie; if you couldn't tell by watching, we fully intend to animate the ENTIRE game I assure you that, if this becomes popular with Chrono fans you all will be involved in deciding certain elements of the plot (I.e. Have Magus join/ Frog Vs. Magus). We hope you enjoyed episode 1! 2 is on the way with, better animation, stronger models, clearer sound, battle sequences, and more. Thanks for watching! Constructive criticism is appreciated! Please recommend it for the CT collection!!!

Sorry, No voices... ever. Every person has their own idea of what each character sounds like in their head, we absolutely refuse to give the characters voices. You'll find that we will do this similarly to the way the Legend of Zelda series handled the jump to 3D. If we gave everyone voices, it would awkward for Chrono not to talk, (HE WILL NEVER TALK) also that would just ruin the game for some people. It's also very, very hard to find good female voice actors. For all of these reasons and more: No voices(!) please don't tell me that that's what it needs.

Square/Squaresoft/square Enix, did not create, sponsor or otherwise have anything to do with this project. Their game merely inspired it, it is a fan project.

It, for some reason, wont let me upload an icon for it, my computer's being stubborn again. I will get one up, i made a cool one it just wont work...



This was an incredible idea. Hopefully file size limitations and lengthiness will not force you to omit any of the smaller details that made the game the masterpiece that it is. You need to hire a group of sweatshop workers to aid with this project so I dont have to wait long to see the next installment. keep up the good work

bizzarrostrife responds:

Don't worry, I actually might have to split up episode 2 into 2 or even 3 parts because it goes up to entering the church after meeting frog, But my sweatshop workers and I are dedicated to preserving everything from some of the game's most memorable dialog to single, dual, and triple techs in battle

This game rules to the max

You followed the story points great but this could have really used voices to make it more interesting.

The beigining was great!

bizzarrostrife responds:

#2 is on the way!

I'll give it a chance, anyway...

It seems like I've seen this particular idea tried a dozen times before in my years here at Newgrounds, and most have been pretty damned lame at best.

This one, however, looks like it might actually be pretty good, since it seems to follow the game pretty closely. Definately worth giving it a chance, anyway. Can't wait for more.

bizzarrostrife responds:


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3.57 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2008
12:42 AM EDT