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Hello all!

Here's a little game I made following a lunch time conversation with friends about designing a 1D game haha...yeah we're geeks that way. So here comes Z-Rox, a really hard brain game that will make you think and use parts of your brain you never used...maybe even parts of the brain you don't even have! haha

I really hope you enjoy it, keep in mind that it's really really hard and don't hate me for it!
Have fun!

If you want to play the game in FRENCH, go to www.jeuxgratuits.net :)

- Make sure you have the latest Flash Player 9.
- Please don't ruin people's fun, don't give the answers in the comments :)
- Don't forget, it can be anything, letters, numbers, shapes, symbols, objects.
- Answers are in english and can be words, not just keyboard keys.
- Pay attention in the tutorial
- Solve the puzzles with friends when it's too hard
- Sleep on it when you can't find the answer and try again with a fresh brain.
- Drawing helps understanding what you see.
- Check out Josh's Hunsaker's music, it's awesome haha leave him some comments! :D

Thanks NG for the front page!
Thanks everyone for the critics and scores and for giving me the #1 Daily Feature! :)



Nice game. If you want to win, think like you are looking through a tiny crack in a wall. That should make it a lot easier.

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Awesome :D

I won, but it took 3 hours and half, i had some pauses too. This is challenging. Hint: last answer starts with an S.

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There are not too many games that I enjoy, but this brain teaser is great for keeping those cerebral neurons active!

Quite refreshing!

I kept a pad of paper and a marker handy which helped!

i know all answers

i didnt pass the first level but all answers are - and _

In case you were wondering...

This game consists of 100 levels of mind-boggling awesomeness. And headache...or so I presume, since when i reached 50 it says I'm halfway there.

Just to remind you all, this game possesses a good replay value for those who seeks challenge due to the various modes besides the norm.

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4.35 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2008
11:04 PM EDT
Skill - Typing