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Illusion Chase

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Author Comments

- Jumping height slightly increased.
- You can move directly after landing (no more 'stun')

Low quality recommended!

Rescue your girlfriend (yeah, original) in this fresh side-scrolling platform game!
All instructions are inside!

Sponsored by www.armorgames.com

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Good game, but...

You really need to put more efforts on the control
My finger twisted several times because of that

Nice Game!

Like others have stated, the jumping and landing aren't the greatest but I got used to it. What I didn't like is when I got three of the health potions over the different levels and NOT ONE OF THEM raised my health at all. That was extremely annoying.

Fix that and maybe tweak the landing after you jump and I think it's a winner.


unlike most platformers you added more of a reality to it.. when most people land at those heights they have to take a knee at impact from the velocity.. but it did get kinda annoying after awhile.. it was also very clever how you put the keys so far away from the chests and the fields overlaping so you'll have to jump before you get to the next area.. bravo nice game.. and i think the anti-you was kinda hard tho.. T.T

Its okay. Just needs work on controls

Needs work on the conrtols and maybe a jump fix? I can't move when i land right away and the jumps aren't high enough unless you go like directly beside the ledge which is hard to accomplish


I agree with just about everything the guy below me said. The whole landing thing got REALLY REALLY annoying. How when you land you can't move, and the jump never seemed to be never high enough. It's not the great, in my opinion. It's kinda just a white-washed run of the mill platformer. Good effort, just try to do a little bit better next time.