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TLTFT 2008 R. 10 Collab

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Wow, 9th daily !!! Thanks !

TLTFT 2008 has produced another collab with the entries made for the competition. This round had 9 participants but due to certain problems only 8 entries are in the collaboration. The compiler of the collab and host of the tournament is T4x4R_O*_Hawk2 (TeamXHawk). The theme was "Giant VS Small".

Special thanks to the animators :
Animator - Score

1. Tawnik 9.03
2. Tentionmaru 8.96
3. X-Bag 8.16
4. Ragin R. 8
5. Drifts 7.26
6. T4x4R_O*_Hawk2 6.56
7. Alexio 6.36
8. Raffi 5.03
9. Hunter.t.w.e 4.7

The whole collab was made in Flash.

Music :
stage_spain (Virtua Tennis 3 Soundtrack)
Country Store (DBZ Sountrack)
The judges of TLTFT : SSJBryando ; T4x4R_O*_Hawk2 ; SSOutPhase ; Ragin R.(winner of "judge for a day")
Host : T4x4R_O*_Hawk2

Thanks Drifts for decompiling some entries. Thanks to NewGrounds! Special thanks to SPP, the portal on which TLTFT takes place. Thanks to the animators and the judges.

Thank you for watching !

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this was amazing. gosh man. how did you get so incredible. dude do you think you can help me become a better stick animator. because i want to be just like you you are my inspiration 100000/10

The good and the bad

Usually stick figures are crap, but this one was pretty interesting. I thought the humor you guys incorporated into fights was a job well done. Most sticks i seen are usually just a big fight and then some guys goes god mode and beats the crap out of everyone (its a horrible lame flash trend).

You guys hit it pretty good and this is probably the first time i liked a stick figure flash.

Stick figure flashes i hate: 200 +
Stick figure flashes i like: 1

TeamXHawk responds:

That's AWESOME ! Thanks.

5 good vs 5 bad

The first animations were pretty basic or not really interesting...
but the last 4 or 5 were well drawn or had good special effects

TeamXHawk responds:


Its okay

Avid watcher of sticks, and while some of them are good, some aren't the greatest, but hey I can't animate. My main problem is....I am not hearing ANY sound effects, which is a real problem... as it takes away from the action that is stick.

TeamXHawk responds:

Yea, well... I don't know why most people didn't add sound effects.

it's okay

especially the last parts but: NOBODY DID A DAVIT VS GOLIATH PARODY? -.-

i would have made something with this story, whatever.

TeamXHawk responds:

Hmm... our animations were more like... modern David VS Goliath fights... we had super powers involved, baseball bats :P (in Tawnik's entry), city destroying giants and others. :P

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2008
4:59 AM EDT