Sonic Jukebox: Bunnie

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So there I was, sitting in front of my computer one day. I thought to myself, I need to draw Bunnie Rabbit from SATAM Sonic! So I did. After staring at it for days I decided I had to animate it, thus I did. So here you go, an other installment of Sonic Jukebox presented in NSTC resolution 720 x 480. Enjoy... ^_^!

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Pretty good for what it is and thus i settle my review

BUNNIE IS BETTER IN ARCHIE, just saying, and now she iz deroboticized, and Sally almost killed her, and Sonic

Alright then

The animation was pretty good, even though the character doesn't move around much. The choices in music were good and the quality of the music was excellent. The art of the animation was excellent as well.

My only thing is that if it is a game, let there be more to do with the game. Make it a narrative multiple choice game or have the actual character move around to find objects in order to solve a puzzle.

I give you a 7 for putting effort into the flash, but broaden the interactivity of the game.


Essentially what this is is a run cycle, so I'm not going to review it based on other factors other users have. I'm looking at the animation itself.

Since the run is really what this is about, why not get in there and really in-between it? It's just one cycle, so don't be afraid to really break it down frame by frame. In the end the result will probably be something your are happier with and further your animation abilities.

Good Start for Dress-up

Graphics: 7/10
For what this flash is, Bunnie was drawn very well, both in the loading screen and the actual "game". Excellent work there. Her environment, however, was... lacklustre. With as well-drawn as she was, I would have liked to see more effort put into her surroundings and actions. Her animation looked a bit "warp-y", too -- and I tried all quality settings -- so consider working on making that a wee bit more fluid, perhaps?

Style: 2/10
I'm a bit confused on what you were trying to accomplish, so this scores a bit low. It's not a dress-up, it's barely a jukebox... It needs more features.

Sound: 7/10
Decent quality for a flash that took less than a minute to load up, so no complaints there. The song choice, however, was a little lacking, given all that there was to do in this flash. Since our focus is going to be primarily on the music (since we quickly discover that there's nothing to do except watch a loop of Bunnie running), consider adding a few more songs if you don't intend to add anything else.

Violence: 0/10
Not applicable.

Interactivity: 1/10
There are three buttons: Next Track, Previous Track, and a little orb thing that I was able to drag around for no apparent reason and served no obvious purpose. The Next Track and Previous Track were independent of the orb for some reason too, which I couldn't figure out either. What was its purpose? We're unable to drag the bar that tracks the progress of the song to skip to a particular part, and we're unable to pause, adjust volume, or stop the music. More than that, however, we have absolutely no control over the environment or Bunnie, which is what I half-figured I'd be able to do.
If you want to keep this based more on the music (i.e., a jukebox) than your animation and drawing talent, then you could consider making various clubs and letting the user pick at least what club or dance Bunnie does (a la Jive Machine, perhaps?) and you'd definitely need to make a more sophisticated media player. I, however, think you have the beginning of a pretty decent dress-up Flash, but interactivity is the basis of those, so it definitely needs work.
There was one dress-up flash, not too long ago, that had a woman driving a dune buggy (and you could choose what she was doing -- i.e., shooting a pistol, focused on driving, etc.) and a man in the back with a huge gatling gun (and you could choose what he was wearing and mix/match different things). More than that, you could control the environment (where they were, if they were being attacked by ninjas/helicopters/etc.), despite the same repeating dune buggy and character animations being repeated.
Though I can't remember the name of the flash, you could totally pull off something very similar here with great success.

Humour: 0/10
Not applicable.

Overall: 4/10 - 2/5
Despite the exceptional drawing and the decent animation of Bunnie, this "game" just isn't anything yet. It's a -great- foundation for a dress-up or something, but as it stands, it just feels like it's in limbo or is a preview to me.

Keep up the good work, though. :)

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3.28 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2008
10:55 PM EDT
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