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in this game that what with the basics that Flash all the wise codes and those things


I've seen much...

better. It's kinda laggy and just plain boring, Good luck next run.......vp

As far as dress-up games go,...

...this one is not very good. You dress the person up with only a few different hair styles, but not clothes. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of a dress-up game if you can't change the person's clothes. And besides; who is that person supposed to be? Is he from "Naruto?"

Mi critica/My review

Primero que nada, lo que hiciste bien.
El codigo esta bien aplicado y funciona.

Ahora, lo que esta mal y puede ser mejorado:
- Ortografía, se escribe "Vestuario".
- Preloader, añade uno.
- Graficos, ponle ganas, incluso alguien que no sepa dibujar puede hacer algo mejor que eso.
- Cambia la velocidad de fotogramas por segundo a 50, va muy lento.
- Musica o efectos de sonido.

First of all, what you did good.
The code is well applied and it works.

Now, what's wrong and what can be done better.
- Grammar, it's "Vestuario" (clothing)
- Preloader, add one.
- Graphics, put some effort on it, even people who cannot draw can make something better.
- Change fps rate to 50, it goes too slow.
- Music or sound effects, add some.

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like it

but you need more pieces of hairs

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Sep 15, 2008
9:31 PM EDT
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