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Tails OTWOR 3 (Scrapped)

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This is an about 1 and a half year old work of mine about Tails OTWOR 3. I stopped working on it long ago and was on my comp for a while now, but decided to put it up just to show ppl. I would have put it to the Alphas site IF it would work..but it doesn't.

So anyway, this has my old sprites in it and my old ideas. I now want to make it very differently. The scene selection menu isn't finished as well as the movie itself, and the music/sound if probably out of sync as well so don't complain about that coz I'm aware with these. I am a bit more experienced with flash now so my future works will probably be better. I don't expect it to get a high or even decent score, I'm not submiting it coz of that, but still, vote fairly if I may ask. If it get's blammed, I can kinda understand it.

The 'real' stuff will not be ready for quite a long time imo. Let me know your opinions.

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This is pretty good! If you do end up finishing this, my only suggestion is that you change Sonic's text to be a brighter color, because I couldn't read it at all! Otherwise, you did a fantastic job!

I remember watching this series back in 2007. I was hyped about it too. I remember that eight episodes were planned. Sucks that you weren't able to continue it. I'd love to see the project get finished someday.

I would want to see this final episode.

It only repeats the desert part. Thats the end? Boohoo :( Hope you finish it.

Awww, uo should continue.
Oh and what is the music at the scene selection.

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4.45 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2008
10:57 AM EDT