Luigi's Fear

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Hey guys, this is my VERY first movie and I worked really hard on it (About 9 days or so). I would'av made this into a series but since I only have the trial I can't. Enjoy.

*Update* I just found out about a glitch in the credits It should be fixed if you right click and press play sorry about that. If there are any more bugs please let me know.
*Update* :D Green score thanks guys!
*update* 1,000 views Awesome!!
*update 9-20-08* I just fixed the credits bug


Most Excellent!!!

Yes, very good for a first. Although, Luigi wasnt afraid of the fight scene or the Boo.
Good use of the close-up. One thing, while the credits rolled, they suddenly stopped, other than that, good job. Also, may I suggest a "Yoshi's Fear"? you already have one in this flash.

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Sandling responds:

Yeah, the title has nothing to do with the shorts. The only reason I choose it was because I thought It had a nice ring to it. Also I relized that they stoped it was a mistake on my part. read the update. Sorry about that.

Cool :)

You did VERY good man!

Just work on some of your sounds (like when luigi is falling...) but other then that, great job :)

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Sandling responds:

Yeah I couldn't find very many sounds...

vary cool

I liked it dude.... did I see that banana guy???

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Sandling responds:

Yes, yes you did.

I liked it.

This was a pretty good, especially for your first Flash. You should make another one, but this time with more fears.

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Sandling responds:

I was thinking about that.


Next time take some more time and work out all the kinks, because if you click while the credits are rolling it lets you edit them....But I liked the movie.

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Sandling responds:

Oh crap. I'll fix that as soon as I can, and like I said in another reveiw I didn't put much effort into anything exept for the animation and sprites. But I'll work harder on that next time.*update I just fixed the credits bug*

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3.21 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2008
10:51 PM EDT
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