Luigi's Fear

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Hey guys, this is my VERY first movie and I worked really hard on it (About 9 days or so). I would'av made this into a series but since I only have the trial I can't. Enjoy.

*Update* I just found out about a glitch in the credits It should be fixed if you right click and press play sorry about that. If there are any more bugs please let me know.
*Update* :D Green score thanks guys!
*update* 1,000 views Awesome!!
*update 9-20-08* I just fixed the credits bug



i like it you can tell you had fun makeingi t

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Sandling responds:

Yeah I did :].

It was good

But when you here the title you think they are all luigis fears.
But it was done pretty well other than that....

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Sandling responds:

I'll try and come up with more creative titles. I appreciate the review!

vary cool

I liked it dude.... did I see that banana guy???

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Sandling responds:

Yes, yes you did.

Most Excellent!!!

Yes, very good for a first. Although, Luigi wasnt afraid of the fight scene or the Boo.
Good use of the close-up. One thing, while the credits rolled, they suddenly stopped, other than that, good job. Also, may I suggest a "Yoshi's Fear"? you already have one in this flash.

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Sandling responds:

Yeah, the title has nothing to do with the shorts. The only reason I choose it was because I thought It had a nice ring to it. Also I relized that they stoped it was a mistake on my part. read the update. Sorry about that.

Not half bad!

Its evident that there was an awful lot of effort put in, and there were some good joke (the Kirby one especially). Unfortunatly though it lacked a storyline or any audio excluding the BGM, which is something you can work on for next time. Keep on truckin'!

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Sandling responds:

Thanks, It wasn't really ment to have a storyline. Just a bunch of random shorts.

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3.21 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2008
10:51 PM EDT
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