Luigi's Fear

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Hey guys, this is my VERY first movie and I worked really hard on it (About 9 days or so). I would'av made this into a series but since I only have the trial I can't. Enjoy.

*Update* I just found out about a glitch in the credits It should be fixed if you right click and press play sorry about that. If there are any more bugs please let me know.
*Update* :D Green score thanks guys!
*update* 1,000 views Awesome!!
*update 9-20-08* I just fixed the credits bug



Hi, sorry I didn't review this sooner! This is a great first flash (Better than mine, I'll say). I loved the music, and the animation was very smooth. Keep up the good work!

Sandling responds:

Well, thanks alot!

Kirby is Awsome! =D

A Great first flash, but, I think you should polish up the animation abit, (Lawl, i'm no better, so i'll still give you a 10/10)

I can't believe I was late on commenting! Daaang! D=

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Sandling responds:

Haha, Yeah I should......But oh well I'll work harder on my next one. Nice to see you agian I though you were dead....

Who's the one who barfed when Yoshi got beaten?

I heard someone barfing, but I don't know who! Is is the Koopa, the Yoshi or Luigi?

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Sandling responds:

It was yoshi. Sorry that is was hard to tell. Thanks for the awesome score!

I liked it.

This was a pretty good, especially for your first Flash. You should make another one, but this time with more fears.

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Sandling responds:

I was thinking about that.


thats funny. I'm not suprized that WeeGee's afraid of ghosts. And lucky you get better reviews than me. I suck

Sandling responds:

That's not true. I just get more constructive critisism because it's my first one.

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3.21 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2008
10:51 PM EDT
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