the impossimaze

September 14, 2008 –
September 14, 2008
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i am not new to flash but i am to making it and from 5 hours of painstaking drawing designing actions and correcting mistakes i bring to newgrounds my first ever flash game (please dont blam it, because i am a bad artist so dont expect an astounding game


if you hold down the left mouse you can get to the end.

I'm not giving you a low score for the art. What is it you're supposed to do in this game? It looks like random clicking gets you to the next maze, and rolling over certain spots makes you lose?

OK, next time include some instructions, and be clear about what makes you win or lose.

i don't get it. is it supposed to be funny?

If I where you I'd be more concerned with the game itself as opposed to the animation. As soon as a player indicates they want to begin by clicking the dot they are given absolutely no options or instructions but rather are directed to a page with a few lines and a dot. I assume you intended for the player to control some sort of character however any attempts to interact are fruitless and lead the user back to the menu. Additionally Newgrounds offers a play button and preloader you can utilize which is more convenient and has a more professional view than creating your own.

I really enjoyed This very fun Game


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