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Bumble About is my first effort developed using FlashDevelop and Actionscript 3. It's a very simple game and, in all honesty, I'm happier with the style and polish than I am with the gameplay itself but I hope you enjoy what's there!

There's some instructions in game but here's some slightly more detailed ones...

Bumble flies towards the mouse pointer as quickly as possible.

First collect the airborne pollen then collect nectar from the flowers and take it to the hive door.

Collect all available nectar to complete a level.

The more nectar Bumble delivers to the hive at once the more points are scored...but the more Bumble carries the slower Bumble flies.

Avoid the unfriendly garden spiders. They'll make Bumble drop what Bumble is carrying - or even worse kill Bumble.

The game is over when Bumble runs out of nectar to collect or when he hits a spider whilst not carrying any pollen or nectar.

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i like the style, it looked good, ran smoothly, all around good game. started off extremely easy, but got to be a bitch later. good work.

Very original and...

a well done effort. The graphics and controls are spot on, and the audio sounds so real, my wife thought the door was open.lol Anyhow, great job for your first flash! I'll be waiting for a sequal? Good luck on your next endevor............vp

its alright

the bee moves kinda slow
could use a change of scenery for diff levels
i like the animation tho! got me addicted lol :D

Very fun

The game can be a bit slow, and dull at some points, but it's still a great play.

Pretty cool

its simpel and fun, i like it :]

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2.74 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2008
4:35 PM EDT
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