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(Halo) D.E.F.A.P

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The Decision Education Foundation Animation Presentation.

This is a video we made for school. Well, technically, we made it for DEF. They're an organization based on the vision "Better decisions, better lives." They came and presented at my school.

This was made by complete accident. I was in tech media class and we were given an assignment to make posters for our school, and I decided to do some Halo vector art, to try to be funny. But then my teacher came to me and a friend of mine (Capn-Cheddar) and told us about DEF, and that he wanted us to make a video for them. He gave us a deadline and away we went. A few weeks later, we had this.

While this is our second submission to newgrounds, it's actually our first attempt at flash that didn't crash and burn. We had tried a video before this and it never got finished. Then we made this one. It was pretty exciting. Though, It's painful to watch this because I had just got into voice acting and I wasn't exactly great.

Also, please ignore the credits. We're sorry.

Master Chief and all Halo related characters belong to Bungie.

DEF Website: http://www.decisioneducat ion.org/

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The Ending

I think the very ending was my favorite part. It just felt like you guys had a blast making a great, great movie. I'll be sure to watch the rest of your submissions.

Loy6 responds:

Zarrf, I think you are my new favorite person.


that was good but you must always remember that the cake is a lie


this was a funny animation keep it up

Put the Grenade Into the Cake Batter!

Brings fond memories of Red vs. Blue's O'Malley.

"I'm going to devour you all and crap out your souls!"

woot film

this was good, it gets 10!