Mushroom Farm Defender

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Defend your farm with the help of mushroom defense!


I found this game to be pretty good. I don't think I would quite recommend it. First of all, the graphics aren't that good. It looks a bit too cartoonish for itself. Second, it is pretty difficult. Well, maybe I just need to go to Easy Mode.

No, that's too easy! The music was of a pretty good beat. I really do like how big it is. I was wondering why the enemies weren't causing me any damage at first. It was because they had yet to reach the end!

Good Game

It is ok

Fun xD

HaHa little funny game when you are borred but pretty easy I came to lvl 60 on hard XD and then I got borred and leaved xD but fun hehe Good Luck evryone Muhaha!!

Captain Vulcan is right

Although I choose Map B on medium, and camped on the upper left island (and surrounding area) with a few stragglers on the left side of the map. I had a total of 18 level 3 megashrooms or whatever those 4000 point mushrooms were called. I had 3 yellows and kept the beginning dull green shrooms for the heck of it.

I got bored at level 40, went out to Wendy's, got a burger and fries. Ate it there, came back and I the last stage with the chorus line of black dragons. And I won.

Good time waster though. Not much strategy IMO.

You can beat the game???

I kept on playing this game wave after wave, experimenting with the different elemental crystals to create combination's. All of a sudden, a wave of about 10 black dragons comes on the screen and I am tossing down a ton of the $4000 mushrooms and upgrading them. All of a sudden, a black window came down the screen and now all the mushrooms are dancing and smiling very creepy like.

Personally, I thought this game worked on a survival basis, with the game carrying on as long as the farm held out. Well, I guess you'd get to the point where every square would be covered in yellow or red mushrooms are boasting level 3 ratings. Then the game would endure eternally and really become point. I mean, it's the most fun defense game I have played other then the other Mushroom Defenders game on Newgrounds. If I've got anything to say to the creator of these games, it'd be that the works in which are portrayed in the game are simply ingenious and well oriented. I don't know if there will be any other of these mushroom defender games but I can say that they're most definitely highly addicting, challenging, as well as all around fun simultaneously. Most definitely, far beyond any shadow of doubt, a masterpiece in the purest form of originality and in game experiences.

If i could give this production any higher rating then 10 I most certainly would, for it is games like this that are easily learned and soon become exciting and addictive to the point where you play regularly. JOB WELL DONE, fogNG!!!!

You are truly an amazing, wonderful, talented person and your works only prove that point further. Most definitely worth 10/10 stars =D

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3.82 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2008
6:17 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense
  • Daily 3rd Place September 13, 2008