Fast n Furious

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Cops are behind as the looter is on the run. He is driving fast for his life. Guide him to dodge the pesky cops and pick up the money bags for him. It sounds a bit anti law but at times it feels good to go against the rules. Can u ? Play it and say.


Fairly decent game...

Graphics and controls are cool, Audio works; Go for a sequal........vp

All looks very familiar.....

I was playing this thinking it seems very familiar, so I searched for a game called the Transporter (I invite you all to do the same). Lo and behold its the same game, same mechanics, same sounds, same music, same menus with the text changed. The only thing different is the the sprites and the backgrounds. Its not a bad game, its quite playable, follows the old arcade style of progressing through stages as the background changes. However, this is either out and out theft OR the author did create the Transporter game and has re-hashed the idea. The Transorter game is not on his page but its on many other websites and easily found, again I invite you all to search for it and make your own judgement.

pretty good

fairly decent game, you can tell you put some work into it, great job, kept me entertained for a while :P

wheres the nos?

so the turning is not like anything in real. why do i drift all the way to the side of the road? i have never seen a car literally thrown at me. but at least i made it past the first stage if that really counts. and what is up with the helicopter trying to bomb me... im in florida not iraq.

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2.56 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2008
1:23 AM EDT
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