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Pocket Change!

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Add up coins to equal the value on the screen. Try to figure out which coins add up, because each puzzle has a set number of coins you must use! Try to solve at least 8 puzzles before time runs out.

YES you have to use your brain, enjoy this small moment of edutainment! Just a small minigame before I leave for vacation :).

Developed by Armor Games, Programmed by jmtb02
Controls: Mouse to move coins

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catsarecute is a dumbass.

it's american currency.

what funny coins are you using

i dont get these coins well, how am i suppose to tell my son how to do change if i cant understand the coins.

great for learing your coins

but that is where it ends. i would recommend 2 modes, the timed mode, and the unlimited mode. so a parent can take their child and let them learn what the shape and design of a coin is without the risk of losing the coins or worse, sticking the coins in their mouths. solid game and good concept! love your other games as well. keep up the good work!


The time after each round is getting higher and higher. I'm stopping after level 15 and 2:57 left... great game!


You know, I am seriously started when was the last time I saw a 50 cent piece at all. Anyway, this reminds me of when I was trying to make change with my mom. We were preparing for a job I was getting as a cashier, but then I was fired after a week and a half. There is not much else to say about this, as the graphics are nice enough. It seems like somebody should do the obvious thing of making a game like this with coins. Everyone knows what it is like to have coins, at least I hope they do.