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Oedipus the King Remake

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I had a lot of fun doing this, so hopefully you should have alot of fun watching this! ^^
This was something I did for my English class. If you have ever read Oedipus, the King then you should definitely enjoy this movie =D

And of course, if you're patient and watch the flash all the way, you'll get to see the fight scene and Oedipus gouging his eyes out!

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this movie is a great overview of the book,seeing that i read it 2 weeks ago for a summer project. It sums it up pretty well, I think.

RyuJinLucy responds:

=D Same, I had to read it and a bunch of other stuff for summer reading.

Pretty good lip syncing.

But there was too much tweening, which really bothered me. Also, you should fix your sound quality. Other than that, it was pretty good.

RyuJinLucy responds:

This was frame-by-frame, actually ^^


Although the animations weren't the best, I still found this flash to be pretty good. The most obvious problem was the sound, which crackled terribly (especially when Oedipus yells several times). Because you were modeling the plot of the actual Oedipus the King story, you couldn't be too original with the content, but you did make it more interesting with the injected humor (I liked the line about the story being so complicated from the chorus). Anyway, yes, I enjoyed the flash production. If you can get the audio to be a bit better (not sure what the status is on your mic), you will have a good flash on your hands.

RyuJinLucy responds:

Yeah, that's deffinately something I need to invest in ^^; Most of this was on the fly, too, but my house doesn't have much in terms of tech. I even listened to my recordings and thought, "Oh, damn! Why the hell did it come out so shitty?" XD