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NEWsupermariobros world1.

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Author Comments

This is world 1 of this Mario game series. Sorry about lack of levels. And also sorry about level 2 that \it has no music (my computer stuffed while the process of making this game).

Enjoy the game and also tell me if you would like me to make a World 2


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Thank you

I remember playing this way back in the day. It was a decent Mario fangame at the time the bar wasn't too high. Looking back, this is an alright game to play if you're bored, but it hasn't really aged well. The background remix of New Super Mario Bros' Overworld Theme is pretty catchy, I would like to see the source of the remix since it's been on my mind since I played the game way back then.

I don't know if you are still active after about 12 years but this game here was my childhood along with other flash games. I've been attempting to look for the music for so long. I bet you won't reply but, did you make the overworld music for world 1.


what is the music on the main title i really want it