The Curse of Cracklevania

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The hero of this game is on a quest to rid himself of a curse that makes him change genders at certain times. It's reminiscent of Castlevania but it has tentacle rape and cartoon sex.
It also features classic Castlevania music. I will be updating this game often so keep a look out.
If you do not like seeing cartoons have sex or characters that look like animals you should steer clear of this one. This game is not for prudes or retards that don't like furry animal characters.
Have fun, Kids!

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YEESSS! I found it again! :D

This took me about 2 Hours to Complete this.
The Gameplay was Unexpected.
The Characters are Fine.
The Animation is well made.
The Music is Decent.
But you can make this a lot better though.

alright guys so I found a way to beat the final boss easily: be sure to have full health beforehand, and get the mace (you know how there's a tall vertical room before draculina's room that has a boss on the upper right entrance? the lower entrance has a mace if you get past the bizarrimitsu). it has bigger reach so it's crucial

1st phase:
- before draculina starts shooting, you got to stand near her. then wait one second or less and jump and hit her with the mace. then you jump again to avoid the fireballs and hit her one more time on the face. then she will teleport away.
- always stand near draculina to be able to do the strategies well.
- whether she sends fireballs or magma balls, always jump and hit her in the face as she's uncovering her body.
- if she sends fireballs (which is quicker), jump to avoid and hit her with the mace.
- if she sends magma balls it's trickier. you have to go backwards a little and then jump forward. if you're close to Draculina you can also hit her once. if you try this on the second time as well you're going to get hit with the last magma ball, so don't do that. instead jump normally without attacking and then hit her in the face after jumping over the third ball. then you can hit her one more time to get out more damage.

2nd phase:
- this one has an exploit that makes it super easy. follow my instructions and you should be able to do it; if it doesn't work, try again.
- once real draculina appears, hit her with themace till she jumps.
- once she jumps, stand right next to her foot. that way the dragon lady will shoot fireballs the opposite direction and real draculina's big fireball will go straight past you! which means you can go crazy with the mace. repeat until real draculina is dead.

the difficulty is good but that final boss fight is impossible, please lower the height at which she launches the fireballs

I like alot of different things, So yeah I bet this is amazing :D