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The game is pretty simple:

-When the box closes, something new will appear inside it, and you have to point out what is it, by clicking on it!
-You only have 3 lives, each time you miss your guess you will lose one.
-Lose all 3 and you lose the match!
-If you find out all items, you win it!
-Playing in the survival mode, you can put your record in the web rankings!

Let's see how good your memory really is!!!

-The variety of the objects depends on the game mode, there are 21 in total.
-The speed of the box also depends on the game mode.
-When the "Click to Continue" button appears, you have to click on it, in order to continue!

Any constructive feedback is highly appreciated!


oooh! My head hurts! Nice work man!

ok just ok

it was ok but it doesnt get a ten


I have to play this more often. I can't even beat easy mode :P Keep getting to +/- 21 :) but nice game !

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healthy game

oo fun and good for my brain :D *favorited*

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Okay, could have been better

This game was alright but after maybe the 3 time you clckedon something in the bix it got boring, maybe id you had alot if diffrent items, instead of 5 of the same items I would have enjoyed it more.

Bettoabs responds:

The game have actually 21 different objects, it depends on the game mode you are playing. If you play in the Hard Mode, there will be just 4 and they will be very similar; if you play in the Rat Mode there will be just 1; and in the Survival Mode (the main mode) there will be all of them. The speed of the box also changes depending on the game mode.

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3.62 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2008
11:04 PM EDT
Skill - Other