Astroknight's Escape

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After defending his ship from the onslaught of missiles, Astroknight has flied himself into an asteroid feild.

With the Lasers broken you must help him avoid the asteroids for as long as possible while collecting moon saphires to help him fight back against Xanu.

NOTICE: The Saphires serve only to get you more score, and nothing else.


Not really worthy of credit

Aamation was at least smooth, but graphics were very poor and repeative, game concept was too. Music, i dnt know why you chose that piece if im brutaly honest.
Screen was also tiny, why on earth ?

Improve by making more to do when playin the game!

an average game

despite terrible graphics. the gameplay does justify giving this game a minute or so of your time.

MBR responds:

ty, :D


Good game, but it glitched, i lost lives then when i got to zero the astroids stoped coming and i could collect as many saffires as i wanted stoped at 150 because there was no way to die.

MBR responds:

wow, how unfortunate

Way too short

It was good, but way too short.
Some of the asteroids were ridiculously fast.
The screen isn't quite large enough.
To really make this work, have a good intro (movie etc) and a graduated level system and possibly an ending.

Um, yeah!

I'll be brief:

1. Don't use "mouse drag" as your means of moving around. Add something to make this more "space-like"
2. Try some variation in the graphics. The same hunk of rock used over and over.
3. That ship just looks... wrong.

Honestly, this was fun for about twenty seconds.

MBR responds:

its good that it was fun for that long, a lot of my friends didnt last long after that


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2.37 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2008
9:55 PM EDT
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