Sonic Pacman Beta 2.0

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Ok, it is alot better than the previous one but I will probaly still get bad reviews, Please atleast rate me a LITTLE high for the file compression.. that took awhile. I recommend Low-quality for this game.yOU HAVE TO WAIT A SECOND TO LOAD IF YOU ARE ON A SLOW COMP (sorry caps). But you should'nt need to with a decent connection.


Kinda cool

Sonic's cool 'n all. Very well made, but it doesn't play too smoothly, it keeps jamming up and stuff. 'nyway, a good combination of two of the greatest games ever made. Well done


this runs slow because...
A:you have so many bitmap images on the screen.
b:you have a imaged background

flash is vector based...its wise to keep bitmap images away from it...try drawing sonic with the flash drawing utils

sacrifice that huge Traced bitmap BG sure it looks 1337 but a mono color bg will help the game run so much smoother...

get yerself a proggy like CoolEdit and slice an 8 beat loop outta that music...i rekon you can get the whole game down to 70-90K
good luck...

Quite an improvement

I'm using a pentium 4 and it runs fine in slow mode. But yeah it's slow in high mode. But, so what? It's not difficult to right click and choose a quality setting. I think the file size is perfect for this. Even with a modem it should only take about a minute tops. Your graphics and game play are pretty much good. Though, when you first start you can't control sonic. You have to let the game play through first. But after the first game, you have complete control. Have you thought of adding a couple of more lives? (Say 5?) Or perhaps, you could add something that would allow the user to choose how many lives they want. (It's just a suggestion.) In terms of the original (bugfree version) to this version...I think it's alot better. Music always helps. Good luck on future flashes. I liked this game.


Please make a Pacman game that does not run super slowly even when you set it to low quality.

Xzaviergomez responds:

Figure out a way and tell the world, cuz VERY few people can.....

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2.15 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2002
2:25 AM EST
Skill - Collect