Sonic Pacman Beta 2.0

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Ok, it is alot better than the previous one but I will probaly still get bad reviews, Please atleast rate me a LITTLE high for the file compression.. that took awhile. I recommend Low-quality for this game.yOU HAVE TO WAIT A SECOND TO LOAD IF YOU ARE ON A SLOW COMP (sorry caps). But you should'nt need to with a decent connection.


Glitchy... and sux.

I've played so many pac-man games already, I wanted you to come up with something original. But no! another "same game with different sprites". AND it was enormously glitchy.

Do better.

could be good

just kinda buggy... moving is kinda tricky

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this is just pac man just slower and dumber its also too boring sorry to say that.

Sonic the Boring Hog

Why did you bother making this? Is there some reason why PACMAN is no longer acceptable to look at? I want to compare this game to ....Shit remakes...Like YO YOGI! a cartoon which brought back Yogi Bear but made him 14 yrs old and ride a fuckin skateboard. Theres just no reason why it should exist cause nobody wants to see it. Just like this game.

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Nice game

I think sonic should have better pathfinding, after all, you couldn't get him stuck like that in the original Pac-Man. Sometimes you can't pick up rings. Sound is a bit grainy. get rid of the blue background beneath the sprites so they can blend in with the real background. Other than that, great job.

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2.15 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2002
2:25 AM EST
Skill - Collect