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Hello friends!

Today's offering is a bit different. I really love my Atari 2600 to death and decided to do a game in ode to it's wonderful graphics. This game is a throwback to the good old days of simple gameplay but adds a few curveballs along the way. Propel your cowboy around the desert by shooting your dual-magnums. Avoid spikes and cactuses to avoid having to start a level over again. Get to level 15 to talk to the magical pig, who will give you further instructions.

Developed by Armor Games, Programmed by jmtb02
Music by Orange-Peel
Sound by jmtb02

If you need to toggle quality just hit the little box in the bottom left corner. Filters can be heavy on older machines.

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Direction the guns fire is very inconsistent. I fire down, but the character doesn't jump half the time.

love this game! at first I thought oh, 15 levels isn't that bad. I was so very, very wrong.

Retro'ish Emulator Madness Fun
Good Hearted and Smart Tribute to Atari settles down a lot this game with its nostalgic feeling with old style electronic music, sounds, beeps and visuals. Challenging, yes. Such as regular atari games kind-of challenging. With its 8-Bit theme loop soundtrack you can feel its heart-crafted feeling. As far as skills in the game, you have to shoot your way (literally) on walls to propell yourself away from cactuses and spikes. Only problem is that it lags when we talk about its bullet shells with its physics, other wise, its fun for what it is. A nostalgic trip to the game's end. However, expect pretty much you might get frustrated the way-through the levels, but as far as the game's challenging point with physics and gravity shifts, its cool. And it kinda has a disappointing ending, but its pretty funny while realistic on consoles. Good time-killer, Give it a try!

Great game :D
Really feels like somewhat retro,with tablet!

Top 3 reasons for dying:
1. Ran into spike.
2. Hugged cactus.
3. Bounced back into hazard.

A classic "jmtb02" style masterpiece. You are well-known for gimmicky games (Such as "This is the only level" and "Achievement Unlocked") And this was no expection. While at the start the concept seems rather simple,it becomes a whole lot complex (and a whole lot harder) in the later levels,as you can easily see by completing them on backward. The ending was funny but disappointing. Overall,great game,all my 5 R belong to this.