Mass Murderer

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You've been sent on a mission to find the location of a secret organization. But you take matters into your own hands...

Okay, this is what happened after 3 days of hard work, and 3 weeks of experience with Flash. It was pretty fun to make, though long... So basically you just kill people. And don't ask why it's called Mass Murderer when you only kill one innocent person.

Before I finished it I added alot of stuff, a mission briefing, a menu button at the game over screen, a level select screen, and whole buncha stuff... So yeah, everything should be good (I'm gonna add a skip button for the mission briefing later when I can)...

And remember, it's pretty hard. Especially the end. So I suggest setting the quality to low when you're in the lab... you'll know cause the crosshair (that way the crosshair follows the mouse a little faster).

So have fun and enjoy...

Oh, I won't be able to reply to your reviews after school tomorrow, so don't think I don't read 'em... or reply to 'em...

2/7/09: 2.7MB compressed into 759.3 KB!!

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While i tuch little boys ....LOL no..ROFL :D

Emby responds:


yo dog that was friking insane yo

cool yo i wish we were frends

Emby responds:

Cool! Let's be FRIENDS

Perfect Storyline

I agree with everything the green icon guy said below.

However, it's frankly really annoying to me to have to shoot the people at exactly the right moment. I like 'em to drop when they're headshot, whether they were ready for it or not.

Emby responds:

Well, at least ya liked it.


graphics not that bad.
the voice acting. microsoft sam is the most funniest type of voice that you can ever use in any type of movie. the voice was hilarious. its funny when hes like great i dont give a crap and when the other guys like, now go while i touch little boys. hehehe. those were the funniest parts.
the storyline. it had a basic sotryline and thats good enough for me.
comedy. a fat guy fell on me from out of the sky. i loled when that happened.
the action. it was pretty action packed on the last big fight scene.
nice flash. this flash has my 5.

Emby responds:

Well I'm glad you liked it!

Really good

Quality wise, it wasn't as good as Brain Splatters, but it was still good, and fun, but hard. Sure it lacks a story, but it really doesn't need one... Looking fowars to the sequel...

Emby responds:


Credits & Info

1.37 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2008
8:01 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed