Sift With Shorty

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Here comes Vinnie's girlfriend with some high killing skills. Assisting Vinnie's in his kind of 'quest' to get any city rid of mafia or other criminal organizations is not an easy job. Shorty is an important character in Vinnie's life and well, find out why and how !

Cheats : http://www.gamesfree.ca/s iftwithshortycheats.php


few thoughts...

good game
but i think you should have a smaller recoil
anyone with experience with that type of gun doesnt let it fly away like that =P
and i also think you need to make the aiming go a bit faster
its annoying to have those people run in and slide to your feet and having to shoot at people at the door only then to have to wait 5 seconds to get your gun pointed at the dicks head =P
but other than that...
Very enjoyable game!

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Fun game

Where do I begin? I guess I'll go from the reverse, but have to say to anyone that reads this that there are SPOILERS INVOLVED. ***Ok after level 8 you don't need to upgrade the health anymore just get more bullets. The last stage is fun, and you just need to keep shooting to avoid getting shot and to destroy the car.
You don't need to ugprade laser damage because there's only a few spots they come from and if you know how to shoot you won't need it, otherwise you can just switch it on and off as you aim. Definitely focus on health upgrades in the first 3 rounds but have at least 3 bullet upgrades from levels 4-6 and then give yourself more health. It doesn't get challenging until level 3/4. That's it for spoilers

I love the way you have to use the mouse to reload, that's very interesting, I don't like all keyboard games. I beat the game pretty fast but I did die twice, I have to say if I played it again I wouldn't die one time. I would love to see a sequel with perhaps a storyline involved and perhaps some choosing of where it leads.

Overall A++

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Nice, but needs work

Collision detection isn't great - if they're gonna have such large heads, the whole head needs to be a target. And it's annoying that you can't shoot the runners while they're running.

Also not enough variation in gameplay, so it gets dull pretty quick


Vinnie's girldfriend is pretty hawt you know. Webcypher getting better at graphics too. Keep it up. I'm out Peace!

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3.71 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2008
12:25 PM EDT
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