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This game is my very first full flash i have ever made so i hope you enjoy it
the main purpose of the game is to get enough grass before the timer runs out
the first 5 levels are easy so i made a level select, at the start you can only chose one of the first 6 levels to play but when you go to the next level it becomes unlocked so when you die you can all ways go back to that level.
the game took me about 3-4 weeks to make.
well i hope you enjoy the game and thank you for reading this.


This is a great game

It was well animated but the only thing was the crappy sounds


WOW this ones more fun its got more options! your graphics were nice and you put alot of effort into your menus i'm sooo happy its soo pretty, i preferred the buttons though, having the text on its own like that made the menu look abit cloggy.

this is a really good skill game for your first try YAY! give yourself a pat on the back sky WOOT!


great game

skylinegodzilla responds:

Thanks (:

Your first game...

is "Spot On". Excellent graphics and the controls take a bit to get used to but, they are smooth. Gameplay is awesome. Can't wait to play the sequal? Anyhow, way to go!..........vp

skylinegodzilla responds:

thank you,
by the way when you get up to the levels with the holes you explode if you full in to them.

good for first work

but needs more to really entertain... like powerups or just other enemies and so.

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3.29 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2008
5:53 AM EDT
Skill - Collect