Tetric Pit

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A Tetris version, where you play a executioner trying to compress your prisioners in a pit, while they try to form a human piramid and escape.

Loodo's first game. The game is in Portuguese. But hey, is Tetris!

More about it in:
http://www.loodo.com.br/2 008/09/calabouco-tetrico/


Thanks a lot, everyone.

I am really surprised we are getting so many good reviews, for a simple Tetris game. I was done in a hurry: We developed everything in our spare time during one single week. It was intended to be a provocative version, and it seems we are getting what we wanted.

It wasn't on our plans, but after that, I am starting to consider making this into something a little more complex.

Again, thanks!



You know, newgrounds is an english speaking site, so english games please... And tetris, well, what reason should I play this game once again? A new look is not enough...

PS: Eu sei português sim, mas de qualqer forma, Newgrounds é newgrounds porra!


I loved the screaming!!! This was really fun.


the idea was great. But the game, not so good. It was tetris... you didn't even try to make it original. Maybe add some special abilities, new pieces, and enlarge the playing area.

not bad

it's not a bad game, but there were no instructions as to rotating the blocks or anything, other than that i like it.

Great :D

It was a simply game really, but the
fact that you changed by killing people
which made the game fun and
the audio was great as well, really great
can't wait to see what you come up next with. :D


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3.55 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2008
11:08 PM EDT
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