Arrogancy: Chapter 3 (SV)

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First things first - I was recently laid off! If anyone knows of any open illustrator or graphic design, etc. positions, please let me know! Now, on with the description:

This is the "small version" of Arrogancy: Chapter 3. The full version is too large to place on this site - Tom said he'd do it manually later. However, I decided to upload this more "accessible" version for modem users.

This version is lacking lip syncing and voices. The full version is available on my site.

In the third episode, the story and animation evolves even more. It's around 5 minutes long. Uh...that's about all I can say.

Warning: For those of you that come here to strictly see random violence with an overabundance of blood, naked dress up pictures, and stickmen shoot em ups with backgrounds exported from Swift 3D - you won't find it here, so don't download this and then give me a zero because it wasn't what you wanted to see. This is the third part of a continuing series, so you may be lost if you don't view the other two first.

See if you can find spots for the following NG movies in this episode:

Xiao Xiao
Work It
Pico 2



This is some great art but i can't give it a perfect score like i want to.the reason for this is you obviously dont care too much about your audience.Sure you made this version for us "poor" 56k'ers but that proves nothing.You need to trace over those backgrounds and color them in flash to decrease the file size.You are just lazy and dont care that the people who dont have high speed internet have to wait long to load it.I feel you made this small version so people would go to your site and see the real version.Kinda a shameless plug if you ask me.I'm not bitter about having a 56k modem cuz frankly it is fine with me if i have to wait some time to see things but your file sizes are insane.I have seen many flash animations like this,with frame by frame animation i might add and they were half this size and jsut as long,if not longer.why you ask?I know you know why but im gonna say it again.Those damn backgrounds ugh i could go on more about this but i think ive ranted enough.Start thinking about the viewers for once because if it wasn't for them you'd have no reason to make these movies in the first place.I hope you dont take this review to mean I am trashing you cuz that is not my intent.

arrogancy responds:

You're actually wrong there.

My backgrounds are conserved as much as they can possibly be. I shrink the edited jpgs to the smallest size possible, change them to motion tweens and then optimize them to be as small as possible within the movie. If I were to trace the backgrounds, they would A)create a bigger file size and B) Not really match the "look" look of the movie, and C) Make the timeframe between episodes ridiculous. After all, me caring about the fans also means that I would bring out the episodes as timely as possible as well.

The backgrounds were the last thing that I did in this movie, and they are no the cause of the file size. The file size comes from the amount of dialogue, the complexity of the characters, and the amount of frame by frame. The full version is actually 3 megs bigger, and this is MAINLY because of the lip syncing which is just mouths and eyes animated on another layer. I also score my movies instead of creating short breakbeats, which also lengthens the file size.

I'm not mad - I just wanted to clear that up. I painstakenly whittled down the size of this movie from it's original 15 megs - I DO care about you 56kers. I was one of you once too!


Great movie man I also checked out the full verson at your site (Your site totally kicks ass by the way). I can't wait for the upcomeing epsodes. This is by far the best series of flash movies ever, and I also like your supersmash bros. x series as well. This could get really big so keep up the good work :)

Wow, that was fast!

Seems like only yesterday I was giving a glowing review to part two. I went to your site to see the version with dialogue (Which I noticed didn't quite match the subtitles in Arrogancy's case) Anyway, good effort. Top notch action, a little boobage, and concept of concepts, a story!

I really liked that rack focus effect. Clever shit.

Cheers, bigears!

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