Arrogancy: Chapter 3 (SV)

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First things first - I was recently laid off! If anyone knows of any open illustrator or graphic design, etc. positions, please let me know! Now, on with the description:

This is the "small version" of Arrogancy: Chapter 3. The full version is too large to place on this site - Tom said he'd do it manually later. However, I decided to upload this more "accessible" version for modem users.

This version is lacking lip syncing and voices. The full version is available on my site.

In the third episode, the story and animation evolves even more. It's around 5 minutes long. Uh...that's about all I can say.

Warning: For those of you that come here to strictly see random violence with an overabundance of blood, naked dress up pictures, and stickmen shoot em ups with backgrounds exported from Swift 3D - you won't find it here, so don't download this and then give me a zero because it wasn't what you wanted to see. This is the third part of a continuing series, so you may be lost if you don't view the other two first.

See if you can find spots for the following NG movies in this episode:

Xiao Xiao
Work It
Pico 2


yeah..... you know what would be great?

why is everything in tht movie slow-mo? I mean, the fight scenes... slow motion. why? it would have a better effect if everything went faster. cool move though. too slow!!!

That was good but still.

We're the team that made the vampire Hunter cartoon and we saw your post on the Forum board and your review of us (which i might say is good compaired to other reviews you've given:) so we decided to check out all your cartoons to see what was up. We like the art it was done with a lot of style. The story we won't comment on because it's not our style it's good just now our style. But any how our views on cartoon are completely different as you've noticed. Still not a bad movie and it's nice to see some more art driven storys rather then the same old stickfigure stuff. This should have a place on the top 50 we figure but then we care little about score and are happy just to have people see out stuff. But the way you talk we thought you where a really great animator who had been working with flash for years and years and were older and wiser then us... turns out your younger and have beening doing it for less time then we have.. but oh well our styles don't mix but still your a young animator and are prone to mistakes like all of us. Word of advice this is what you would sould like to most people you review
"nothing in your cartoon is exsactly very special your art isn't as clean as it could be actually it's rather slopy at time as if it where just a colored scetch. Your music could also be improved it sounds like it was made on a keyboard that had the bass drums button stuck. The animation was good though the use of scrolling could have been shorter. Still these are all mistakes made by young none experianced flash animators. On a finaly not Work on your story timeing it seem off which makes the movie drag on but you might learn in time"

We could have said all the above and just left it at that but we really like your animations and the mistakes above aren't mistakes really but your style. We did it to snap you back into realily who cares if your on the top 50 or if people use swift to add to their cartoons. We all work hard to make these things even the people just starting to make stick figures. So stop being so bitter Just keep makeing flash movie the way you do and we here and INA promise you will at least always have our team as fans.

arrogancy responds:

I'm not younger than you guys; I'm 23 years old (unless you're older than that). If you're talking about the Smash Bros X. credits - I said I thought of the IDEA at that age.

I thought that Vampire Hunter INA (?) was a decent effort, but the art and animation could have used a bit of work (there was a complete lack of frame by frame - and the look of FBF is always superior to motion tweening). The action and plot was a bit juvenile in my opinion; but like you said...different tastes.

The music was made to accompany the voices. Once you take the voices out - the music sounds bland - that is because it was scored to match the movie with voices intact.

Thanks for the review, and I'll be interested in seeing how you improve in the future.


Welp, I never can have enough of humoristic violence, so even ya say so, PUT MORE GORE! or something like that. ;)
Anyhow, good anime, interesting, I'll wait to see how it evolves from there.
It would be good if more martial-arts were put in place, rather than "ordinary" punches/kicks.

good motion and realisim Fx can't wait to see the rest kind of reminds me of danger girl series

Very nice Arron

Hey very good series I love the style and graphics. Like they said before. I would love to see even more omplex animations but, I do realize that takes more time. Keep'um coming. Personally I like Smash Bros. better though.SO FINISH nm 3! Also if you guys like Arron's movies then check my first movie(test clip) out http://www.newgrounds.com/port al/view.php?id=46179

it's based off of FF7.

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Feb 28, 2002
9:21 PM EST
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