Arrogancy: Chapter 3 (SV)

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First things first - I was recently laid off! If anyone knows of any open illustrator or graphic design, etc. positions, please let me know! Now, on with the description:

This is the "small version" of Arrogancy: Chapter 3. The full version is too large to place on this site - Tom said he'd do it manually later. However, I decided to upload this more "accessible" version for modem users.

This version is lacking lip syncing and voices. The full version is available on my site.

In the third episode, the story and animation evolves even more. It's around 5 minutes long. Uh...that's about all I can say.

Warning: For those of you that come here to strictly see random violence with an overabundance of blood, naked dress up pictures, and stickmen shoot em ups with backgrounds exported from Swift 3D - you won't find it here, so don't download this and then give me a zero because it wasn't what you wanted to see. This is the third part of a continuing series, so you may be lost if you don't view the other two first.

See if you can find spots for the following NG movies in this episode:

Xiao Xiao
Work It
Pico 2


good, but u have a cheek

i think u have a god damn cheek to talk, i have read all the reviews you done, you are a nasty bad bad man, people put in alot of effort to make flash movies so young horny, action craving teens will watch them, you diss every movie that is not like ur's and you always put people down and they must really feel like shit and anyway your movies are not all that great, yeah the drawings are exellent and i understand you must have put alot of work into the 3 movies but to be honest they are crap and just tedious the sound effects are crap and you spend to much time with pointless slow talking scenes, and even the fighting scenes, this was a good movie but i know understand why u called the movie arrogancy cos you are just plain arrogant,i am 15 by the way and dont make flash cos it is too hard, that is why i respect all the people on this web page and even if the movie is bad know,i could not do better, but you think you can, when really you can't.

Now it's finally coming together...

Well still the voice overs are still kinda a bit off, but it may be b/c i am on a P.O.S. comp at work. I'll check it again lata with my good p.c. Well i see that it was a trial and error process from these flash films... Yer still making a few errors and shit... but you can hardly notice it. Well keep the shit comin and keep comin with some good shit.

Mediocre shit.

Learn to optimize your shit (5MB, come on)... and learn some basic direction skills. I mean, the fight went in the same pace as the conversations, which made the fight as exciting as the dialog (which wasn't to exciting in the first place). Your style reminded me of "To kill an assassin" but with no animation at all, that series was way cooler. To sum it up, awful sound effects (plok, plak), tame music, nippleless tits (in an uncool way), background graphics didn't blend in at all with the drawn graphics... as said before as mediocre as hell.


i like the graphics and some of the things you did, but haft to admit that its not my fave type of thing to watch (style wise.) youre good though.

Pay Killerof dreams no mind....

He's an idiot and doesn't know any better. You're doing a great job. It is very different and refreshing as an escape from the DBZ-style stuff I usually see. A little more character development and some speech would be nice. Also, the action scenes are somewhat confusing, but cool. Keep it up!

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2002
9:21 PM EST
  • Daily Feature March 2, 2002