Arrogancy: Chapter 3 (SV)

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First things first - I was recently laid off! If anyone knows of any open illustrator or graphic design, etc. positions, please let me know! Now, on with the description:

This is the "small version" of Arrogancy: Chapter 3. The full version is too large to place on this site - Tom said he'd do it manually later. However, I decided to upload this more "accessible" version for modem users.

This version is lacking lip syncing and voices. The full version is available on my site.

In the third episode, the story and animation evolves even more. It's around 5 minutes long. Uh...that's about all I can say.

Warning: For those of you that come here to strictly see random violence with an overabundance of blood, naked dress up pictures, and stickmen shoot em ups with backgrounds exported from Swift 3D - you won't find it here, so don't download this and then give me a zero because it wasn't what you wanted to see. This is the third part of a continuing series, so you may be lost if you don't view the other two first.

See if you can find spots for the following NG movies in this episode:

Xiao Xiao
Work It
Pico 2


Review of the full version

In addition to the problems I ran into earlier something new arose in this episode. The acton isn't fluid enough. The animation is well done but the fact that everyone moves around like someone is holding a cardboard figure and recording themselves moving it around. But this is by no means a major problem. It just struck me as odd that it arose in an animation thats this good. Far worse animators have found their way around this "choppiness" problem. And, as always, the script and voice acting needs revison. The dialogue just doesn't sound natural and people don't speak in their "inside voices" when engaged in mortal combat. I sorta feel bad for throwing all the problems with your work at you, but take heart! The bad always seems worst in the best, and you can quote me on that! Keep improving!


good movie .good job

Wow that was amazing

Awesome,its too bad more people don't make these kinds of movies.


Not too shabby. Backgrounds are all fuzzy and the dialog was cheesy. Good animation though. Keep it up.

A hell of a lot better than the last ones.

Back ground for opening scene is too fuzzy. Nice fore ground though :). Good anime style graphics. Is it just me or has Arrogancy's face changed? Wierd fairy man. You are getting a hell of a lot better at doing these episodes. I liked the fact that you added humor this time. Were'd you get the name Beeku. That Roberts is an ass. conversation is still a little stiff. Bad animation on the ninja type dudes. Geez he is an arrogant guy. Bad sound effects again. pretty good man keep up the good work. What happened to the end song?

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2002
9:21 PM EST
  • Daily Feature March 2, 2002